Dual-Diagnosis-Treatment-Near-Kennebunk-MaineGetting admitted into an alcohol or drug rehab program is a hopeful and inspiring step forward for those with lives and relationships damaged by their substance use disorders. However, choosing the right addiction treatment facility to seek professional help from can be hard — especially with a dual diagnosis.

The complicated nature of treating two issues at once requires the help of highly trained and licensed expert professionals. While there are many addiction treatment centers in Maine, picking one that can specifically handle a dual diagnosis can be a lot of work. If you’re looking for a dual diagnosis treatment center in Kennebunk, Maine — or someplace nearby — contact Casco Bay Recovery today. Call 844.940.4407 or reach out to our team online.

What Is a Dual Diagnosis?

Someone with a dual diagnosis has both a substance use disorder and another mental health issue. About half of all people with a mental health issue will also experience struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction at some point in their lives. The co-occurrence of two mental health concerns — with one of them involving substance use — isn’t rare at all. It’s crucial to have both conditions diagnosed early because the interactions of the two conditions can worsen each one.

Although these issues often occur together, there’s no conclusive evidence that one causes the other — even if one condition is diagnosed or appeared first. However, researchers think that there are three possibilities as to why they occur together:

Common risk factors: These may include genetics, stress, and trauma. Any of these factors may contribute to the development of substance use disorders and other mental health issues.

Mental health issues can contribute to an increase in substance use: People with mental health issues may develop substance use disorders when they turn to substances to feel better temporarily. This is often called self-medication.

Substance use disorders can contribute to the development of a mental disorder: Substance use can change the brain in ways that make people more likely to develop a mental health issue.

Why You Should Look For Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Kennebunk, Maine

Maine is the northeasternmost U.S. state, and most Americans know only vague details about it. They may know Maine for its lobster dishes, maritime history, rocky coastline, and the proliferation of lighthouses that line it. Kennebunk is a pretty town in Maine’s York County. Along with several beautiful beaches, it’s also near the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. With scenic ocean views and abundant wildlife nearby, Kennebunk may very well be an ideal place to heal from a dual diagnosis of mental health issues.

But are there dual diagnosis rehab centers near Kennebunk, Maine? There are many addiction treatment facilities all over Maine — and some of them do offer programs that specifically deal with treating and managing dual diagnosis cases. Because one of the consistent characteristics of dual diagnosis cases is that one of the conditions is always a substance use disorder, it’s also important to consider how Maine has dealt with substance abuse over the past decade.

In 2016, Maine spent almost $75 million in substance abuse treatment services for the uninsured and Medicaid members. There are usually more than 350 treatment beds available for those needing residential substance abuse treatment in Maine. About 50 of those beds are exclusively for those in need of detox services.

What to Expect from Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When looking for a dual diagnosis treatment program near Kennebunk, Maine, you’ll probably need to use more creative search terms. You need to look for addiction treatment centers and mental health treatment centers. These facilities will often have specialized programs for dual diagnosis treatment. Once you’ve found some program options, scrutinize them and look for the following:

  • Appropriate treatment length: Dual diagnosis treatments typically need longer treatment lengths because clients need help to heal from more than one mental health issue. The typical 30-day programs that most treatment centers offer are most likely not effective enough to help clients with a dual diagnosis. Programs lasting for at least 60–90 days are better-equipped to help clients like this.
  • Continuum of care: A facility that has the staff and equipment to help you in the different stages of addiction recovery, from detox to aftercare, is usually ideal for dealing with dual diagnosis cases. A full continuum of care also provides clients with a safe environment where they can take the next steps in addiction recovery after treatment — such as continuing education or part-time work — while also being helped by professional assistance and support.
  • Customized treatment plan: The best dual diagnosis treatment program is not a cookie-cutter one. It should be personalized and include individual therapy and group therapy — not to mention couples or family counseling.
  • Licenses and accreditation: Facilities that specialize in treating dual diagnosis cases should have state licensing from regulatory bodies in both substance use and mental health. Additionally, they should also have proper accreditation that meets industry standards. If this information is not on the websites or other promotional material of a facility, ask their front desk.
  • Trained and certified staff: Look for a facility with staff members that are certified in evidence-based treatment (EBT) modalities. The EBT modalities include forms of care that are particularly helpful for mood disorders and substance use disorders, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).

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