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Alcohol-Addiction-Treatment Alcohol is a dangerous and addictive drug. It doesn’t impact everyone in the same way. When addiction and dependence form, it can be nearly impossible for a person to stop using alcohol without professional treatment and support.

The right substance abuse treatment programs can help by providing resources to support recovery. Our team at Casco Bay Recovery offers full alcohol rehab centers in Maine designed to support you through recovery and into a new phase of life. Learn more about our Portland, Maine addiction treatment center by connecting with our team. We’ll help you navigate your journey to recovery with all of the resources you need.

Signs You May Benefit from an Alcohol Rehab Center

Investing in an alcohol rehab program enables individuals to obtain a wide range of support in a safe place. Here, you’ll have ample opportunities to work on your addiction and the complexities of life damaged by your disorder. Some signs you may need this help include:

  • Drinking alcohol often, even every day
  • Have a hard time controlling how much you drink at one time
  • Drinking at odd times including at work or during the day, sometimes alone
  • Feeling the need to drink when you are facing stress, anxiety, or difficult relationships
  • Drinking more than ever, with the amount increasing over time

If you experience pain, headaches, nausea, insomnia, and anxiety when not drinking, or you have intense cravings to do so, that’s an indication of dependence. It may be one of the most important reasons to get into a treatment center.

What Are the Benefits of Attending an Alcohol Rehab?

There are numerous benefits to attending alcohol rehab centers in Maine. We’ve described some of these benefits below.

Having a Support System

The first benefit is having a support system. Rehab programs can provide recovering alcoholics with a community of counselors, fellow recovering individuals, and staff.

Being surrounded by a community of individuals that understand the overall struggle of addiction is vital for a person undergoing treatment for an alcohol addiction. When a person is experiencing an addiction that he or she is striving to conquer, it’s much more paramount to have a shoulder to lean on and cry on.

Having genuine relationships with individuals that provide love, friendship, and understanding radiating from them is a vital part of recovery. Without the strong bonds of a community, it can seem almost impossible to recover from alcohol addiction.

Receiving People in Your Life That Can Hold You Accountable

Another benefit of alcohol rehab centers in Maine that is extremely similar to the important need for a community, is individuals that will hold each other accountable. Attending daily therapy sessions in rehab means experiencing a daily check-up to see where clients are currently at without undergoing judgment.

By receiving treatment for alcoholism at alcohol rehab centers in Maine, the supportive groups that you will be a part of will provide you with hope and help. When you are surrounded by other like-minded individuals that are recovering from alcohol addiction though, they will also hold you accountable. Having such a strong support system, can even help you overcome any guilt that you are feeling about your alcohol use disorder.


One of the main benefits of alcohol rehab centers in Maine is the structure it provides. Creating a solid routine is the first step for addiction recovery, and the overall structure for rehab thoroughly encourages this.

Typically, alcohol rehab centers in Maine will create productive habits and activities and emphasize daily routines while patients attend various treatments and therapies. When individuals struggle with alcohol addiction, they generally have self-destructive habits that need to be broken.

The only way to do that is by creating stronger routine and healthier habits. The structure that is found at alcohol rehab centers in Maine allows individuals to therefore, create a solid yet simple daily routine that focuses on creating healthy habits that individuals can maintain long after treatment is over.

Overall Better Health

The last benefit of attending alcohol rehab centers in Maine is overall better health. Rehab programs provide more than just a primary focus on recovering from addiction. They also concentrate on an individual’s overall health and body.

Engaging in drug and alcohol abuse can cause an individual’s body to lose nutrients. In turn, this can make a person feel weak, experience headaches, and lose sleep. Once an individual stops engaging in substance use and experiences withdrawal symptoms though, he or she is more likely to begin using substances again to avoid discomfort.

Rehab centers provide their patients with balanced meals that assist in recovering the overall nutrients in the body. This process helps improve a patient’s overall mood and health, therefore reducing drug cravings and making overcoming withdrawal symptoms easier.

Exercise has the capability of also helping an individual create a healthier body. Rehab centers encourage individuals to exercise by providing various extracurricular activities. Engaging in exercising can make an individual’s body feel much stronger. It can also boost the mood of individuals. Most importantly, exercising is a healthy habit that can be continued post-treatment.

The entire process of working on overall health and body makes people feel good about themselves. Seeing that the body can change for the better and that individuals can feel good about themselves without the use of drugs is inspiring.

What Medications Are Used When Treating Alcoholism?

There are many medications used when treating alcoholism. The first medicine approved for the treatment of alcohol dependence and alcohol misuse was Antabuse (disulfiram). It works by causing an intense adverse reaction when an individual taking the medication happens to consume alcohol.

The majority of individuals that take disulfiram during alcohol detox and addiction treatment will vomit after one drink of alcohol. In turn, the thought is to create a deterrent to individual drinking.

In the 1920s, disulfiram was first developed for use in manufacturing processes. In the 1930s, the aversive effects of alcohol of Antabuse were first recorded. Shortly after a few occurrences, disulfiram was approved by FDA to treat alcoholism.

Antabuse was first manufactured by Wyeth-Ayerest Laboratories. As an initial trial, Antabuse was given in much larger doses to generate an aversion to alcohol by making the patients very ill if they drank. After many deaths and severe reactions were reported, Antabuse was then administered in tiny doses to support alcohol abstinence.

Another medication that is utilized for alcoholism is naltrexone and it’s sold under the brand names Depade and Revia. There is an extended-release and monthly injectable form of naltrexone that is sold under the name Vivitrol.

It works in individuals’ brains by blocking the high that people experience once they drink alcohol or take opioids like cocaine and heroin. This drug was first developed in 1963 to treat opioid addiction. By 1984, it was approved by the FDA for the treatment of drugs such as:

  • Oxycodone
  • Morphine
  • Heroin

What to Expect in Our Alcohol Rehab in Portland, Maine

alcohol rehab in maine

When you come to Casco Bay Recovery, you’ll work closely with our team to better understand why you drink and then learn how to eliminate it from your life. Our team is respectful and dedicated to you while providing you with real-life tools to help you prevent relapse. We offer a range of therapies that can help you, including:

  • Medication-assisted treatment: With the help of FDA-approved medications, it is possible to eliminate the onset of painful withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This can make it easier for you to stop using alcohol.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: This type of therapy focuses on recognizing negative thought patterns that you may have, such as those related to stress or drinking alcohol, and then learning how to turn them around. That way, you don’t feel the need to use alcohol.
  • Holistic therapy: This type of therapy is designed to empower full-body, mind, and spirit healing. You’ll have the opportunity to engage in meditation, yoga, and other holistic styles of therapy to help encourage healing.
  • Relapse prevention: In this therapy, strategies to help you cope with addiction are developed. That includes recognizing triggers, better management of health, and improving stress management. The goal is to help you know what to do to avoid relapse.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment: Many people who drink alcohol also struggle with mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, or trauma. In this therapy plan, we work to address both of those conditions at one time.

How to Get Started in Our Alcohol Rehab Center in Portland, Maine

Now is the time to get help. You’re ready for it and a new life that does not focus solely on addiction. Our team can help you at Casco Bay Recovery. We encourage you to take steps now to get help through our programs such as:

Examine the Options Available to You at Casco Bay Recovery

It’s time to break free from addiction. Casco Bay Recovery can help with a comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment program. It’s designed to provide one-on-one opportunities for you to heal, even while you are living at home. If you’re ready to learn more or begin the road to recovery, reach out to our team now online or call us.