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Mens-Rehab-Program An addiction treatment program can be instrumental in changing the life of a person battling a substance use disorder. When considering which addiction treatment program to attend, it’s essential to look for ones that can provide as many comforts and advantages as possible. For male clients, attending a men’s rehab program to receive gender-specific addiction treatment could be an excellent choice. Gender-specific programs can spell the difference between a successful bid for lifelong sobriety and a total failure to heal from addiction.

Alongside age-specific programs, gender-specific ones are particular programs that may help clients heal faster and better. Both of them can be found through both state and private health insurance providers. If you’re looking for a men’s rehab program in Portland, Maine, reach out to Casco Bay Recovery.

What Is a Men’s Rehab Center?

A men’s rehab center is a treatment health care facility designed specifically for male clients. Centers like this only offer a men’s rehab program.

Men and women struggle with addiction and its negative consequences in different ways. Men, for example, are more likely than women to engage in polydrug use. They’re also more likely to end up in a clinic or hospital ER due to an overdose. Gender-specific addiction treatment programs can address the unique needs that men face during recovery.

Like most addiction treatment programs, a men’s rehab program usually requires going through a detoxification process. Whether or not it’s medical detox or not depends on each individual client’s needs. After detox, the clients will be transitioned smoothly into the actual men’s addiction treatment program. The latter can be inpatient or outpatient.

Inpatient programs require clients to live within the addiction treatment health care facility. They can expect to receive 24-hour care and follow a very structured program. Outpatient programs are ideal for people with mild addictions that also don’t want to stop going to work or school.

Our rehab programs include traditional approaches such as:

Group counseling, in particular, can be easier for clients to deal with when they’re all of the same gender. In addition, the men in our program have access to holistic therapies such as yoga and meditation. There is no form of rehab that is right for every client but creating gender-specific programs can help to meet most client needs.

Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment

When it comes to women’s and men’s addiction rehab, gender-specific programs can be extremely useful. In some cases, being surrounded by people who think the same and go through the same struggles can be very effective. There are also certain aspects of addiction that are specific to men and women separately. While gender-specific treatment may not be necessary, it can be beneficial in some cases.

How Addiction Affects Men Differently

When it comes to drug addiction, there are several factors and effects that impact men differently than women. Research over the years has shown that men are more susceptible to abusing drugs and becoming addicts. According to a study, 11% of men over 12 have a substance abuse disorder (SUD) compared to 6.4% of women.

When it comes to particular drugs, men also have different rates of use and abuse. Alcohol, for example, leads the statistics, as over 20% of men struggle with an alcohol use disorder (AUD). This is compared to 7-12% for women. However, women are more likely to develop a dependence on alcohol due to biological differences.

Benefits of a Men’s Rehab Program

Many men suffering from addiction can benefit from attending a men’s rehab program. However, the benefits of gender-specific treatment could be felt at a greater level by men that feel like they should be a certain way all the time. Some men may feel like they always need to appear strong or be a leader. In the presence of other men in group therapy, male clients are more likely to open up and let their guard down.

Men can feel intense pressure at home, at work, or in social situations. Men have specific issues that need to be addressed during detoxification, treatment, and lifetime recovery. Our treatment center focuses specifically on the needs of men.

There is a certain stigma that may be present in men when it comes to reaching out for help. Stigma may see help as a weakness or a flaw, however, getting addiction treatment is the answer to a better life. Men’s rehab program offers gender-specific treatment in a safe and open environment. Men are given the confidence to speak about obstacles and treatment.

Should Men Always Choose a Men’s Rehab Program?

cbt-for-alcohol-use-disorder When it comes to men’s addiction rehab, gender-specific programs can help. However, it shouldn’t be the main priority when it comes to choosing a client’s ideal addiction treatment program. There are other elements such as location, inpatient vs. outpatient, and other specific programs for particular client needs.

Some clients can make successful recoveries due to leaving their triggering and distracting environments. However, others need to be near where they live because being close to their family home is essential to their recovery. Some clients can benefit more from age-specific programs than gender-specific ones, or need programs that offer both.

Drug Addiction Treatment Options for Men

There are several drug addiction treatment options for men struggling with addiction. Each case of addiction is different and may require a variety of treatment methods. This is why it’s important to rely on a treatment center like Casco Bay for a healthier life, free of addiction. For men and women, treatment typically begins with detox and moves on to more specific treatment like inpatient and outpatient. Addiction treatment may include:

Inpatient Treatment for Men

Residential treatment, also known as inpatient treatment, has a person stay at a rehab center for a period of time. This level of treatment is recommended since it has 24/7 support from staff and access to addiction resources. This is a great option for men dealing with dual diagnosis cases and more severe cases of addiction. Inpatient treatment can also be gender-specific as well.

Outpatient Treatment for Men

Outpatient treatment is also a very common form of addiction treatment for men and women. Such treatment is different from inpatient treatment in that a person attends weekly sessions at a rehab center. Outpatient treatment for men can create a supportive environment that’s open to discussion and growth.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) for men is an outpatient program that involves weekly sessions (3-5 times a week) for a couple of hours a day. PHPs for men are more intricate. PHPs are meant for more intense cases of addiction. PHP for men is one of the more common forms of addiction.

Aftercare Programs for Men

Many people think that the journey of recovery ends after treatment is over. In reality, recovery is a lifelong journey that takes consistency. Luckily, rehab centers like Casco Bay take pride in setting up our clients with all the tools to avoid relapse and live life. Aftercare programs offer therapy and support after treatment has officially ended. Rehab aftercare is meant to help avoid relapse and includes addiction resources, group therapy, and relapse prevention techniques.

Therapy for Men

One of the staples of addiction treatment is therapy for men and women. When it comes to a men’s rehab program, therapy can be a safe space to speak openly about struggles and one’s journey with addiction.

Addiction usually stems from an underlying reason, whether that be stress, trauma, or mental conditions. In some cases, a person may be struggling with both a mental illness and a drug addiction – this is considered a dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorder.

Both individual and group therapy help focus on the issues at hand to avoid relapse down the line. There are several different types of addiction therapy for men and women alike. Casco Bay offers multiple evidence-based treatment options including:

  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT)
  • 12-step therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Holistic therapy

Addiction therapy is a crucial part of the treatment process because it sets a person up for long-term sobriety. Working with professional therapists in a safe haven is essential to overcoming addiction and drug abuse. Regardless of men or women-specific rehab centers, it’s important to reach out for help before it’s too late.

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