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Benzo-Addiction-Treatment While battling with any substance requires serious treatment, that is particularly the case with benzo addiction. Unlike other substances, it is physically dangerous to self-abstain from benzodiazepine use. Also, cessation and recovery from benzo dependency is a process that requires medical supervision and administration from beginning to end. This is all to say that benzo addiction treatment is vital.

One reason why benzo addiction treatment requires medical supervision is the unique time frame in which withdrawal symptoms can last. Depending on the severity of your dependency, experiencing withdrawal symptoms can last from days to several months. But know that medically-assisted recovery makes detox and addiction treatment from benzos easier.

Benzo addiction treatment from a certified specialist is your light at the end of the tunnel. Battling benzo dependency and benzo addiction on your own can be torturous. But the aid of knowledgeable, caring substance abuse specialists at a rehab facility such as Casco Bay Recovery will make that road to recovery the easiest sobriety path you could have.

What are Benzodiazepines?

Benzodiazepine, or benzo for short, is a strong tranquilizer drug typically used as a sedative or antidepressant. When benzos enter your body it stimulates specific neurotransmitter acids called GABAs whose purpose is to relax neuronic stress cells. Therefore, when benzos latch to the central nervous system, it suppresses anxiety and muscle tension.

The potent properties of benzos are widely applied by pharmaceuticals to treat depression and sleep deprivation, as well as seizure-related conditions. In turn, benzos are openly available in a variety of over-the-counter options as common medications.

However, the same way that the lasting effects of benzos treat conditions is the same way that they cause lasting harm. Though highly effective for their intended use, the potency of benzos poses as equally a danger in regards to physical dependency and addiction. So much so that the user may not even realize the extent of his or her chemical dependency after even a short time of use.

It is for these reasons that benzos are strictly a short-term prescription solution rather than a long-term prescription solution. Since prescriptions are approved on a short-term basis, the opportunity for long-term addiction arises when short-term approvals happen on such a frequent basis or when benzos are misused.

Any form of benzodiazepine prescription use requires extreme caution. Hence why it is vital to restrict benzo usage strictly within the parameters prescribed by doctors. If you’re uncertain as to whether or not you require benzo addiction treatment, reach out to an expert now to assess your needs.

Which Drugs Contain Benzos?

Doctors prescribe most people with anxiety benzodiazepines. Unbeknownst to many until it’s too late though, most benzo abusers stem from innocent prescriptions approved by doctors.

All medications to be mentioned have very different withdrawal symptoms, but all are equally dangerous in the withdrawals they induce. Some of these well-known medications that contain benzos may surprise you.

Though doctors may urge caution to stick to the recommended dosage when taking benzos, very few explain why it is important. Unfortunately for the majority of individuals that take benzo medication, the why comes from the experience of struggling with benzo dependency and/or addiction. Here are just a few medications containing benzodiazepine, of which you should practice strict doctor-recommended doses.


Ranking as the 5th most used among over-the-counter prescription drugs, all Xanax-based prescriptions contain benzodiazepine. One source cites a troubling claim that over 10 percent of children and young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 are addicted to Xanax. With the mass carelessness by which doctors prescribe this anxiety suppressant, it’s easy to find Xanax in most medicine cabinets across the USA.


Valium is a very strong benzo-based sedative that doctors prescribe to individuals for seizure-related conditions. However, as is the case of all medications listed here, its potency is only matched by heavily addictive properties.

Ironically enough, valium, which treats seizures, main withdrawal symptom is seizures. This withdrawal symptom is but a brief glimpse of the many reasons it is vital to have professional medical aid for benzo addiction treatment. Without benzo addiction treatment, people that suffer from benzo addiction or dependency to Valium may harm their bodies, or even die.


This medical treatment for anxiety-related conditions stimulates specific neuronic pathways that act as anxiety suppressors. Ativan’s degree of effectiveness makes it very easy for its users to become self-dependent upon this drug for periods longer than what a doctor recommends. Therefore, if ever prescribed Ativan, it is vital to follow your doctor’s orders on dosage to a ‘t’. Failing to do so will result in needing benzo addiction treatment and having to find other doctors and rehab specialists to wean you off benzo dependency and/or addiction.

What are the Symptoms of Benzo Addiction and Withdrawal?

Thankfully for you and your loved ones, benzo addiction symptoms give very tell-tale signs. Identifying and acting upon receiving treatment observable benzo addiction and withdrawal symptoms could be the difference between life and death for you or a loved one.

The scary thing about benzo abuse is the fact that most benzo users experience the same symptoms in withdrawal as they do while under the influence. Thus, don’t hesitate to reach out to Casco Bay for benzo addiction treatment if you spot any of the listed indicators.


Half-massed eyes and red-tinted whites are some of the unconcealable features of a benzo user. Most benzo users furthermore have apparent disorientation that is unmistakable. Abnormal detachment from your surroundings such as lacking circumstantial awareness and visible tiredness are tell-tale indicators of benzo addiction that shouldn’t go untreated.

Mood Swings and Irritability

Unnatural shifts in mood and increased irritability, especially at seemingly minor issues, are a telling revealer of benzo withdrawal and dependency. In time, these mood swings and episodes of irritable unrest only worsen and turn into addiction as benzo use increases.

Without medical assistance, increased benzo use is inevitable. With continued use comes increased tolerance. With increased tolerance comes increased dosage. Increased dosage in turn can lead to further irritability and severe anger problems. Tackling these mood swings and irritability by seeking a professional, stops the progress of these symptoms in their tracks.


Fidgeting, foot-tapping, or signs of physical unrest scream benzo withdrawal symptoms. These same symptoms reveal themselves while under the influence. Though benzos may treat anxiety, when combined with a bodily acquired dependency, it can exacerbate anxiety and depression symptoms noticeably. If you or a loved appears unusually restless, take action. Whether that means communicating your concerns with them or a medical professional/addiction treatment specialist is at your own discernment.


In the midst of benzo withdrawal, it’s very common to become sick or nauseated. When the body has developed a chemical dependency on benzodiazepine, the absence of that drug sends shockwaves through your body.

Think of your body on benzos as if it was your body without food. The longer it gets from your last meal, the more intense your cravings are and the sicker you become. As is the case with one struggling with benzos. The longer it gets from your last benzo use session, the more intense your substance cravings and physically nauseating symptoms last. Thankfully, this often dominant and common symptom is one that can be managed and minimized with medical assistance.


Not coincidentally, benzo abuse often worsens depression. This is the most obvious reason why benzo-based antidepressants are strictly a short-term or bridge treatment to a longer term solution. Over time, what begins as a calming pleasurable sedative, ends up being a miserable vice that worsens depression and suicidal tendencies.

Depression is the most dangerous substance withdrawal symptom one could have as this makes yourself your worst enemy. There is nothing worse than being a danger to yourself. Each day away from benzo is a day with a clearer train of thought though.

In the proper care of a specialized therapist though, benzo addiction treatment will achieve new heights of positively reinforced thoughts. Naturally fighting depression with medical training not only strengthens your mind but can accelerate your path to sobriety ahead of schedule.


Perhaps the most disturbing symptom of benzo addiction withdrawal and benzo addiction is the frightening hallucinations one may experience. Benzo addiction treatment will put you at ease with a loving therapist in your corner though. Such treatment includes the persistent reassurance of a compassionate professional to remind you that these visual mirages are nothing to fear.

Now is Your Chance

There’s no better opportunity to receive benzo addiction treatment than now. On your own, recovery from benzo addiction would feel impossible. That’s because any level of benzo-based dependency or addiction requires medical assistance. Only with a therapeutic aid will you find out just how truly achievable sobriety is when you’re not facing it alone.  If you’re thinking you can’t quit using benzos, you haven’t experienced the Casco Bay professional standard of compassionate care yet.

There are a variety of equally effective benzo addiction treatment and detox programs available here at Casco Bay at your discretion. You’ll be comforted knowing that each treatment is targeted to the unique needs of your individual rehab needs. That means regardless of the stage of your dependency, every distinctive treatment option ensures it’s not too late to take action. But the time to act is now.

This is your time to be in control of your destiny, no pondering necessary. Receive benzo addiction treatment today here at Casco Bay Recovery.