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Areas-We-Serve Drug or alcohol addiction are horrendous conditions that a person might face that leads to damaged social networks and family relationships. Fortunately, there are numerous service areas and treatment facilities across America that are fully committed to helping individuals throughout their journeys to recovery. Oftentimes when there are a lot of solid choices to choose from, those seeking treatment aren’t able to come up with the most ideal decisions for their needs. This service page might be able to help you make a choice that is most effective for you.

Why Is Maine an Ideal Spot for Those Struggling With Addiction?

Maine is an ideal spot for those struggling with addiction to attend rehab at for various reasons. When it comes to drugs and alcohol, Maine continues to have its fair share of epidemic experiences. Over the past five years alone, there have been at least 1,630 individuals who have died from a drug overdose in Maine. When tallied up, that is greater than the following populations:

  • North Berwick
  • Chesterville
  • Eastport

In 2016, illicit and prescription opioids were involved in approximately 42,249 overdose deaths in the United States. Among those, about 64% of those were drug overdose deaths. In 2017 alone, there were 418 drug overdose-related deaths in one day. Of those deaths, 85% were caused by one opioid at least.

Maine has been struggling for many years with a deadly and local addiction epidemic. The main two opioids that have plagued this state as a whole are fentanyl and heroin. They are the most responsible for the majority of the deadly overdoses.

Maine’s most recent surge in overdose deaths continued with 443 lives lost in 2017 as compared to 378 lives lost in 2016. Drug overdose is the most responsible for the majority of the lives lost in Maine prematurely among men under 70. The opioid overdose deaths in Maine have increased by over 11% from March 2017 to March 2018, and the rate has been steadily climbing for the last five years.

The way Maine plans on combatting this epidemic matter is through treatment. One of the main objectives will be to figure out what’s working, what’s not, and make the decision on what the solid steps would be to completely turn things around. The access to medication-assisted therapy, also known as MAT needs to be increased along with availability to the life-saving Naloxone.

Many addiction treatment programs throughout the state offer numerous different addiction treatment and therapy options including the following:

It’s paramount that you do diligent research on what type of treatment is needed. There is also the option of consulting a rehab specialist. It is inviting in Maine to be able to explore what your options are and discover a program that can benefit your situation.

The Areas We Serve

The service areas that Casco Bay covers are the following:

  • Southern Portland
  • Cape Elizabeth
  • Bar Harbor
  • Kennebunk
  • Westbrook
  • Portland
  • Falmouth
  • Camden
  • Freeport
  • Gorham
  • Augusta
  • Bangor
  • Wales
  • Saco
  • York

Additionally, our service areas also consist of Maine’s surrounding areas.

What Is Offered at a Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Maine?

The addiction treatment journey that will be taken here at Casco Bay in Maine is extremely similar to that of many other treatment programs. The following is offered at a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Maine:

  • The intake process
  • Detox process
  • Addiction treatment
  • The discharge process
  • An aftercare plan

There are various specialties within each addiction treatment program. For example, each rehab facility will offer a unique staff arrangement and different treatment programs. Generally, the steps that each program takes will be roughly the same. Prospective participants should make certain that the program steps are effective for their specific needs.

The first step recommended in the process of achieving recovery is for participants to identify what their rehab goals are. Typically, the rehab goals will stretch out past sobriety. For example, individuals that have a dual diagnosis will work on their co-occurring mental issues and addiction.

When it comes to admission, it is recommended that the clients evaluate what they would be willing to give up, freedom-wise and time-wise. For example, if the client happens to be a teen, he or she will need access to certain services that will assist him or her in staying disciplined with schoolwork amid working on recovery.

Outpatient and Inpatient Treatment

There are a couple of questions that you should ask yourself upon figuring out if outpatient or inpatient addiction treatment services would be more suited for your condition. Will you be more focused on recovery if you stay at home and follow along with a simple schedule of attending treatment sessions on particular days, or would you be more comfortable staying at a treatment facility for the entire length of your treatment?

Generally, inpatient treatment has a significantly higher success rate, but some patients find it more challenging to juggle and more expensive. It is recommended that you consult a rehab specialist while figuring out what path might be best for you. Your sobriety awaits you.


Each treatment facility has a different set of specialties. It is vital to choose a rehab facility that specializes both in your particular problems while also having a positive track record for treating participants with your particular needs.

Therapies and Treatments

It’s not very common that a patient will benefit from each therapy and treatment offered. This is why it’s paramount that treatment is done as soon as possible to find a great fit for your specific situation. It’s okay to admit that one treatment facility might not be the place that will help you.


Similar to therapies and treatments, luxuries and amenities are offered and will vary from facility to facility. If you have decided to take the route of residential treatment, choosing a treatment center that offers luxuries and amenities will be pivotal. You want to feel comfortable and free to explore the beauty of where you’ll be staying for weeks.

What Are Some Benefits of Addiction Treatment in Maine?

If you have decided to attend a drug rehab center in Portland, Maine, the first benefits have to do with the beauty of Maine such as the following:

  • The pristine coastal regions
  • Abundant land and wilderness preserves

Maine is an invigorating place to start your healing at. Whether you engage in an inpatient treatment program or outdoor activities, you will feel the benefit of the beauty of the state’s nature. It is known even by locals that Maine has the capability of helping individuals build a drug-free and fulfilling lifestyle. As seen here, addiction treatment is a paramount case in Maine due to drug and alcohol abuse negatively impacting the quality and health of too many of our residents.

Recovery Awaits at Casco Bay Today

We are set apart here at Casco Bay. We’re dedicated to providing care that is client-based to all of our residents in the service areas of Portland, Maine and its surrounding cities. We want you to strive to become your best self with our individualized treatment plans, evidence-based holistic approaches, and experiential therapies. Your journey awaits