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3 Reasons to Seek an IOP Rehab During the Holiday Season

Do you know what IOP rehab is and when it’s the best option for clients struggling with substance use disorders? An intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a form of rehabilitation involving clients following a strict schedule of long visits to a treatment center. An IOP is more time-intensive than most outpatient addiction treatment programs. However, unlike an inpatient program, it does not require clients to live within facility grounds.

Most IOP rehab plans last about three months and include regular drug testing. If this sounds like the best approach for you or someone you care about to deal with substance use disorder, reach out to Casco Bay Recovery. Call 844.956.3520 or contact our team online.

What Are Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs)?

While the difference between IOPs and other addiction treatment programs has already been mentioned above, there’s more to it than being in the middle of typical outpatient and typical inpatient programs. Three months of going through very long treatment sessions for up to five days each week is a big commitment to take on. What’s the ideal participant of IOPs like?

A characteristic that makes IOPs special is that they’re usually well-suited to guarantee the successful recovery of clients with mild addictions, a solid support system, and no other mental health issues. However, clients must be comfortable with group therapy — and lots of it. This therapeutic form of care is the basis of most IOPS. Group therapy allows IOP participants to improve communication habits, learn to socialize without being high on addictive substances, and experience discipline and structure. Clients also learn how to accept and give support that’s sorely needed by people in recovery.

What Can Clients Expect from IOP Rehab Options?

IOP specifics will vary from facility to facility but it generally consists of more than nine hours of treatment each week, broken up into sessions lasting more than an hour. There may be up to five sessions in one week. IOP participants are usually also encouraged to get admitted into a 12-step program.

Treatment sessions are usually done at a medical or therapeutic facility but there are online or telehealth options currently being developed by some providers to serve clients with accessibility problems. Apart from group therapy, other forms of care that IOPs often include are the following:

  • Case management
  • Individual counseling
  • Introduction to support groups
  • Medication management
  • Psychiatric screening
  • Vocational training

Getting into an IOP for the holidays is an excellent idea both for first-time participants of addiction treatment programs or those returning due to needing additional support. In comparison to residential treatment programs — which need clients to completely disappear from their usual routines — an IOP can give clients a way to work on recovery while still attending to their responsibilities. An IOP is also more effective than outpatient programs that clients may forget to stick to due to the stress of the holidays.

3 Reasons to Get Admitted into an IOP for the Holidays

1. An IOP Schedule Is Flexible

IOP rehabs last up to 12 weeks but are inherently more flexible, time-wise, than most inpatient programs. An IOP schedule is also strict enough that clients won’t forget to prioritize attending their treatment sessions. These characteristics allow clients to attend family reunions and other social events during the holidays while still progressing through recovery.

IOPs are also ideal for clients that want to keep on going to school, want to keep their full-time jobs, or want to keep on taking care of their young children — while they work on getting better.

2. An IOP Allows Consistent Contact With Friends and Family

Addiction can be isolating, especially because addictive behavior can damage close relationships. However, recovery can be isolating and lonely, too — which is why many addiction treatment programs, including IOPs, include group therapy in their schedules.

With IOPs, clients aren’t just counting on longer treatment sessions to push the success rate higher with it comes to maintaining a lifetime of sobriety. There’s also the added benefit of staying in close contact with friends and family members that are part of their support system, especially during the holiday season.

3. IOPs Are Called “Intensive” for a Reason

If a client wants to focus on addiction recovery while also being present during holiday events, an IOP is often their best choice. Other outpatient programs may not be intense enough to get through the noise of the holidays. Inpatient programs, on the other hand, can offer intensity but not enough wiggle room to make it possible to honor family and social obligations.

Ready to Learn More About Casco Bay Recovery’s IOP Rehab Options?

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