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Dual Diagnosis Treatment near Falmouth, Maine


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two women work together in dual diagnosis treatment center in falmouth maineAlcohol or drug rehabilitation is a hopeful step forward for those struggling with substance use disorders. However, finding the right rehab center to seek professional help from can be difficult — especially when a dual diagnosis is involved.

The complex nature of treating two issues at the same time requires the expertise of highly trained and licensed professionals. There are many addiction treatment centers in Maine but choosing one that can handle a dual diagnosis can feel like a daunting task. If you’re searching for a dual diagnosis treatment center in Falmouth, Maine — or someplace nearby — reach out to Casco Bay Recovery. Call 844.956.3520 or contact our team online.

What Is a Dual Diagnosis?

Someone with a dual diagnosis typically has a substance use disorder that co-occurs with another mental health issue, such as anxiety or depression. This isn’t a rare situation. In fact, about half of people who have a mental health issue will also have a substance use disorder at some point in their lives. Interactions between the two conditions can even worsen both.

While dual diagnosis instances are common, it’s not because one condition causes the other. Even experts find it hard to figure out which condition came first when they study dual diagnosis cases. However, there may be three possibilities as to why substance use disorder often occurs alongside other mental health issues:

  • Common risk factors: These include genetics, stress, and trauma.
  • Mental health issues can contribute to the development of substance use disorders: For example, people with mental health issues may use substance misuse to self-medicate. Mental health issues may also change the brain and make it more likely for addiction to develop.
  • Substance use disorders can contribute to the development of a mental health issue: Substance use may change the brain in ways that make it more likely to develop a mental health issue, regardless of whether someone’s developed dependency or addiction.

Why Is Going to a Dual Diagnosis Rehab Center Near Falmouth, Maine the Best Choice?

If you’re looking to get admitted only into a dual diagnosis rehab center near Falmouth, Maine, the first thing you should change about your perspective is a focus on location. When it comes to rehab centers, location should not be your top priority. You should focus more on whether or not a facility can handle your specific needs and offers the treatments and therapies that you respond to well.

Somewhere near Falmouth can still be an ideal choice for some people in recovery, though, especially for those that enjoy pristine coastal areas and ocean views. Falmouth is a town that’s found in Cumberland County, Maine. It’s part of the Portland–South Portland–Biddeford metropolitan area of the state. The suburb borders Casco Bay and is home to the Portland Yacht Club and three private golf clubs. It also offers one of the largest anchorages in Maine.

Maine is also one of the states that’s been greatly affected by the U.S. opioid epidemic. The impact of opioid addiction has been felt all over the rural and urban areas of Maine. The stigma typically connected to substance use disorders may still be found in some areas of the state, but you will usually find that locals are kind and understanding. A huge part of the state’s population is either in addiction recovery themselves or is close to someone on the same path.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that many addiction treatment centers in Maine specialize in treating alcoholism or opioid misuse. You may have to ask around and do your research to find the ones that specialize in treating clients with a dual diagnosis.

Casco Bay Recovery’s dual diagnosis treatment programs offer specialized care in a supportive, welcoming environment.

What Should You Look For in a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program Near Falmouth, Maine?

When looking for a dual diagnosis rehab center near Falmouth, Maine, you’ll probably need to use more search terms. Look for addiction treatment centers and mental health treatment centers — these facilities may have specialized programs that they’ve developed for dual diagnosis treatment. Once you’ve found some program options, look for the following:

  • Appropriate treatment length: Dual diagnosis treatments help clients deal with more than one issue, so they typically need longer treatment lengths. The typical 30-day programs that most addiction treatment centers offer are most likely not effective enough to help clients heal properly. Look for programs that last for at least 60–90 days.
  • Continuum of care: Look for a facility that can help you in the different stages of addiction recovery, from detox to aftercare. A full continuum of care also provides clients with safe environments in which to demonstrate their newly learned skills. A client can take the next steps in addiction recovery after treatment — such as continuing education, part-time work, or volunteering — while also having access to professional assistance and support.
  • Customized treatment plan: Each addiction treatment program should be personalized. The best dual diagnosis treatment program is not a “cookie-cutter” one. It should also include individual therapy, group therapy, and couples or family counseling.
  • Licenses and accreditation: Facilities that specialize in treating dual diagnosis cases should have state licensing from regulatory bodies in both substance use and mental health. Additionally, they should also have accreditation that meets industry standards from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), the Joint Commission Accreditation (JCAHO), or the Council On Accreditation (COA).
  • Trained and certified staff: Look for a facility with staff members that are certified in evidence-based treatment (EBT) modalities. Most facilities have trained staff but those with certifications may be hard to find. EBT modalities include forms of care such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for mood disorders and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) for personality and substance use disorders.

Ready to Learn More About Casco Bay Recovery’s Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program Near Falmouth, Maine?

If you or someone you care about is struggling with a dual diagnosis, reach out to Casco Bay Recovery. You can call 844.956.3520 or contact our team online.

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