Addiction-Treatment-Programs-Near-Kennebunk-MaineIn Maine, one of the states that have been hardest hit by the U.S. opioid epidemic, locals have intimate knowledge of how addictions can damage lives and relationships.

Fortunately, amidst a rising overdose rate that’s closely connected to a rising death rate, there’s also an increase in the variety of alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs offered in Maine. This makes it easier for people struggling with substance use disorders to find programs that fit their particular situations and needs perfectly.

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Why Is an Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center near Kennebunk, Maine the Best Choice?

Most people think of Maine as the northeasternmost U.S. state. They may think that Maine is known for its lobster dishes, maritime history, rocky coastline, and the proliferation of lighthouses that line it. Kennebunk is a pretty town in York County, Maine — with several beaches and the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge nearby — not to be confused with Kennebunkport, which is a separate town. With its scenic ocean views and abundant wildlife, it may very well be an ideal place to heal from addiction.

But are there drug rehab centers near Kennebunk, Maine? Yes. There are many addiction treatment facilities all over Maine — and many of them are open to clients of varying financial capacities.

In 2016, Maine spent almost $75 million in substance abuse treatment services for the uninsured and Medicaid members. Because of the opioid epidemic, Maine authorities put a lot of focus on preventing substance use and offering addiction treatment. There are usually more than 350 treatment beds available for clients seeking residential substance abuse treatment in Maine. About 50 of those beds are exclusively for detox services.

What to Look For in an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center near Kennebunk

When looking for a treatment program, consider factors other than location. It only comes into play if a location that’s too far affects the participation of a client’s family in their treatment. In many cases, a client will benefit from being far away from a home environment that may be distracting or triggering for them.

There are many factors you should consider when determining which rehab center is best for your circumstances. Here are some factors that are the most important for many clients:

  • Treatment length: Some clients need longer treatment lengths than the typical 30-day outpatient programs most rehab centers offer. If clients have severe addictions or are suffering from dual diagnoses, they may benefit from programs that last at least three months. Some programs may even last half a year.
  • Specialties: Rehab centers usually specialize in treating certain conditions or treating unique types of clients. For example, some may specialize in alcoholism. Others may only offer gender-specific programs. It’s a good idea to look for centers that offer programs that address your specific needs.
  • Treatments and therapies: Different centers will offer different ranges of treatment and therapies. Make sure that the facility you get admitted into offers forms of care that you like and respond to well.

The Benefits of Casco Bay Recovery’s Treatment Programs

As mentioned earlier, Maine is a beautiful state with a stunning coastline and great cuisine. Addiction recovery near Kennebunk, Maine may be ideal for many people — especially if they’re state locals.

Maine residents know that the state’s scenic views, in combination with addiction treatment services, can definitely help people rebuild their lives. Instances of substance use disorders are so common in Maine that locals are well-versed in the negative effects of addiction — which can include lifelong health problems and fatal overdoses. Addiction doesn’t just affect one person. It can affect entire families and communities.

This knowledge of what addiction does is why there are so many statewide programs dedicated to preventing substance use and treating addiction, which can be accessed by locals that don’t even have health insurance.

Many Maine residents are either also in addiction recovery or are close to someone that’s on that path. For people who are post-treatment and struggling to maintain their sobriety, it can be life-changing to know that there are people in your community going through the same thing. That’s what staying near Kennebunk, Maine can be like.

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